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Let’s START!

PANTHEON Project Kick-off Meeting- a pathway towards decarbonisation!

On March 21st and 22nd, 2024, the University of Groningen was abuzz with excitement as teams from the European Union and China gathered to officially launch the PANTHEON project. This landmark meeting marked the beginning of a pioneering initiative aimed at forging pathways towards carbon neutrality, encompassing climate, environment, health, and socio-economic co-benefits.

The PANTHEON project, funded by the EU Horizon Europe program and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, is set to revolutionize our approach to achieving carbon neutrality. With the support of a robust international consortium, the project aims to develop an integrated assessment modeling framework and decarbonization roadmaps. These tools will aid the EU and China in navigating the complex landscape of decarbonization, balancing technological advancements with socio-economic and environmental impacts.

The initiative seeks to facilitate mutual learning between the EU and China on carbon neutrality pathways, integrating cutting-edge technologies, policies, social, health, and environmental factors. Additionally, the project aims to provide coherent decarbonization pathways across various sectors and scales, assess the global implications of EU and China’s decarbonization efforts, and understand the challenges related to lifestyle changes.

The project’s methodology includes participatory integrated assessment modeling, combining socio-economic and environmental data at high resolutions, and extensive stakeholder engagement through workshops and knowledge arenas. This collaborative approach ensures that the decarbonization roadmaps developed are not only scientifically rigorous but also socially inclusive and practically viable.

As the PANTHEON project progresses, it promises to deliver significant outcomes, including high-resolution integrated modeling, comprehensive decarbonization roadmaps, and guidelines for effective stakeholder engagement. These efforts will contribute to a just transition towards a carbon-neutral future, benefiting both regions and setting a precedent for global climate action.

The kick-off meeting at the University of Groningen set a strong foundation for the PANTHEON project, igniting a collaborative spirit and a shared commitment to addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time. As the teams embark on this fascinating journey, the world watches with anticipation, hopeful for the innovative solutions and impactful results that PANTHEON will undoubtedly deliver.

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